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Redwood Stainless

5hl brewhouse

5hl brewhouse

Key Advantages of our Brewing Systems:

  • Cost-Effective Launchpad: economical gateway into the brewing industry
  • Adaptable & Expandable: Our systems are built to grow with your business.
  • Precision Quality Control: Smaller batch size facilitates meticulous quality control.
  • Complimentary to bigger system: A nano brewery, along side a production facility can be the perfect pilot and yeast propagation tool
  • Have fun and diversify your own taproom offerings: With your flagships and limited seasonal beers moving through your full system, a nano system allows your brewers to be as creative as they want to be without risk. And can bring fun and experimental beers to your taproom
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For the innovative brewer with a distinctive beer concept, a nano brewery serves as an ideal platform to gauge market reception. The minimal capital investment required to establish a nano brewery makes it an accessible entry point into the brewing industry.


  • Milling: 2-roller
  • Mash & Lautertun: Without rake/height fixed rake/height adjustable rake
  • Kettle & Whirlpool vessel: Dimpled steam jackets or direct burning heating, as well as electric immersion heating
  • Hot Liquor Tank: Steam heating, direct burning or electric immersion heating
  • Pumps: From named suppliers with ABB motors
  • Piping: Tri-Clamp or DIN standard pre-built
  • Heat exchanger: 2-step or 1 step, with fittings such as thermometers, venturi aeration unit, etc
  • Brewhouse control: VFD, switches etc, Automatic Temp. control, etc
  • Cellars: Singe, double or multi-time brew size fermenters and BBT
  • Cellar Control: Automatic Temp. control with solenoid valves
  • Portable CIP cart: With 1 electric immersion heating caustic tank, automatic Temp. control and 1 pump, etc


coming soon


coming soon