So you want to open a brewery?

So you want to open a brewery?

So, you’ve decided to throw open a brewery. Congratulations! Redwood is here to help. It’s going to be much harder and daunting than you may suspect. And
especially these days there’s little margin for error. And to be successful you have to be prepared and thorough in every aspect from creating your plan, organizing your capital, selecting your equipment and designing your space.

But of course there is fun during all this. We love working with our clients to ensure the equipment fits every aspect of your vision from the type of beers you want to brew to helping create a manageable workflow in your space, no matter how challenging.

The brewhouse in particular. Some questions to ask yourself -

What style of beers do I want to primarily brew?
What starting Plato am I aiming for. How strong will they be?
How much space do I have?
How many beer styles I want to make?
What is my annual target production?
What is my target batch size?
How many beers will I be brewing a week? Or a day?

We can help with all of these questions and make sure your project is equipped with the exact equipment that will fulfill your needs.

From German-style decks, to British-style decks, steam, direct fire. Whether you
want to brew once a day, once a week or four times daily; we have designed all of these systems and will be with you and your team from the time you decide to dive in and do this thing to toasting to your first batch in your new brewery.

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