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Redwood Stainless

15T brewhouse

15T brewhouse

Capacity from 20~120bbl/brew and bigger
Min. 6 brews per 24 hours with 3-vessel brewhouse

Our inventory includes the following sizes: 15HL, 20HL, 30HL, 40HL, 15BBL, 20BBL, 25BBL, 30BBL, 35BBL, 40BBL, 50BBL, 100BBL, 200BBL.

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Our Large-Scale Regional Brewery Solutions are engineered with the same meticulous attention to detail of our craft system. They are designed for ease of operations and support continuous brewing and significant volume. Redwood production decks have capacities ranging from 20 to 120 bbl per brew turn and can be designed to accommodate multiple batches simultaneously for brewday labor efficiency.


  • Milling: A choice between a traditional 2-roller mill and 4-roller mill depending on throughput needs
  • Mash/Lauter Tun: A combination Mash and Lauter tun is a typical ‘British style’ system. The mash is dropped into the lauter tun over the false bottom for a single infusion scarification rest. A comprehensive suite featuring a brewing and sparging water blending port, VFD rake, wort grant, and mash hydrator for optimal mash conversion. We can also design a deck with separate mash and lauter tuns for faster brew turns and more flexibility
  • Kettle/Whirlpool: Options for dimpled steam jackets, direct burning heating, or electric immersion heating for precise wort treatment. We can also design a deck with separate kettle and whirlpool for for faster brew turns and more flexibility
  • Mash/Kettle: A ‘German style’ configuration. After mash, the mash is pumped to the lauter tank. Then wort is lautered back to the mash/kettle. Advantages include the ability to use a mash mixer at mash-in, easier decoction methods and step mashing
  • Hot Liquor Tank: Versatile heating options including steam, direct burning, or electric immersion to meet diverse brewing needs.
  • Pumps: Premium pumps powered by ABB motors, procured from esteemed suppliers for reliability.
  • Piping: Prefabricated with Tri-Clamp or DIN standard fittings to simplify installation.
  • Heat Exchanger: Available in both 2-step or 1-step configurations, outfitted with essential accessories such as thermometers and venturi aeration units.
  • Brewhouse Control: State-of-the-art automated temperature control systems with VFD and switches for consistent brewing quality.
  • Cellars: Flexible fermenters and Bright Beer Tanks (BBT) designed for single, double, or multiple brew sizes.
  • Cellar Control: Advanced automated temperature control systems paired with solenoid valves for precise fermentation management.


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